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Published October 31, 2018

We play around with a fun little topics that some assume might be “just for kids.” Our geeky guests take us into the wide, wild world of toy collecting!

Guests: Ryan and Jennifer Bell from The Pegwarmers podcast and Nick Adducci from House Adducci

00:00 What is toy collecting?
14:00 Why get into toy collecting and can it be affordable?
24:23 What kinds of toys are out there and how do you talk to vendors?
36:25 What makes something “collectible”?
46:19 Toy collecting lingo!
52:36 Out-of-box vs In-the-box
57:42 Favorite Toymakers
1:02:20 Our geeky guests favorite toy… and why!
1:06:53 Where to go toy hunting…
1:08:12 Wrap Up

Ryan’s Favorites: Bandai SH Figure Arts, Hasbro Marvel Legends, Hasbro Star Wars Black Series, DC Collectibles

Jennifer’s Favorites: Build-A-Bear, Disney Plushies, I Am Elemental, Takaratomi, DC Collectibles (female figures), Hasbro Marvel Legends (Female Figures), Hasbro Star Wars Black Series (Female Figures)

Key Terms/Properties Mentioned in the Podcast:
D&D, action figure, The Little Prince, in box and out of box, points of articulation, Captain America, LOTR, Seinfeld, Flame Trooper (from Star Wars: Force Awakens), Playskool, Avengers, Hulk, statues, doll, Zelda, figures, Monster High, Barbie, Mattel, vampire/werewolf, post-apocalyptic, Once Upon a Time, Funko Pops, Build-A-Bear, exclusives, Pokemon, Galactus, Thanos, eBay, adult collectible, Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, Power Rangers, megazords, convention (con), transformers, vinyls, Disney Vinylmation, Iron Man, plushies, big robots, Chocogan (?), busts, maquette, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, SH Figure Arts, Finn, LEGOS, palette swap, Transformers (TV show), Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Goodsmile, Figma, Rey, peg warmer, aftermarket, blind box, series, case, wave, build-a-figure, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: Civil War Marvel Legends wave, Spider-man, Black Panther, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, Pokémon, Takaratomi, I Am Elemental, kickstarter, DC, Bandai, Super Centai, Common Rider, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Hasbro, DC Collectibles, Jonathan Matthews, Toothless, Build-A-Bear fox, army build, Red Ranger Power Ranger, The Office, Big Bang Theory