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Published October 31, 2018

These geeks get deep when they delve into one of the foundational pillars of geekdom… Video Games! There’s no way to cover all the of gaming in one episode but these fellas try.

Guests: Tony Faith from Thirty Something Digital, Daniel Holley, Dungeon Master and gaming nerd, and Nick Adducci from House Adducci

00:00 Geek/Non-Geek/Casual/Hardcore/PC/Console Matrix (yeah, listen to figure out what the heck that means)
17:15 Define “video game.” And what consoles are out there?
29:07 There are kinds of games?
35:46 Gaming Gateways (or, kinds of games: continued)
47:36 Pros and Cons of Gaming
55:38 Geeky Guest Favorites
1:06:07 Ultimate Newbie Recommendations
1:17:39 Recap & Wrap-up

Daniel’s Favorites: Chrono trigger
Ultimate Newbie Recommendations: Animal Crossing

Nick’s Favorites: Final Fantasy Tactics
Ultimate Newbie Recommendation: Journey

Tony’s Favorites: Bioshock Infinite
Ultimate Newbie Recommendation: Last of Us

Key Terms/Properties Mentioned in the Podcast:
Konami Code, Contra, Atari, Pong, Ms. Pac-Man, text adventures, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Ultima, Castle, That 70’s Show, RPG, Streetfighter 2 Turbo, Super Nintendo, Starcraft, Sony Playstation, XBox, PC vs console, Madden NFL 2016, EA, CW, Halo, Medal of Honor, Pokémon, Farmville, Scrabble, Bejeweled, Mastermind, Dungeons and Dragons, Words with Friends, N64, sprite, Mario, Microsoft XBox, Sega Dreamcast, Kinect, FPS, Nintendo, Odyssey, Shiro Myamoto, Legend of Zelda, Mickey Mouse, Metroid, Smash Brothers, Link, Wii, Bayonetta, Wii U, Starfox, Move, Gameboy, Gameboy DS, Gameboy 3DS, adventure games, farming, turn-based game, real time strategy, Civilization, Portal, puzzle game, walking simulators, No Man’s Sky, Minecraft, LEGOs, platformer, n00b, newb, mmo, avatar, go on tilt, League of Legends, moba, Overwatch, DoTA, World of Warcraft, Eve online, troll, Felicia Day, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost): A Memoir (Felicia Day’s book as mentioned by Tony), tabletop, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Last of Us, Mass Effect, Square Enix, Square Soft, Final Fantasy Tactics, permadeath, jrpg, Bioshock Infinite, DLC, Portal 2, Animal Crossing, Mega Man, Journey, Last of Us music composer, Naughty Dog, Bioshock