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Published October 31, 2018

This week we shrug off the mundane and go geek for fashion and role-play as we talk about cosplay! Get sucked into a world of fantasy, makers, and something that definitely goes beyond “dressing up.”

Guests: Tony Faith of Thirty Something Digital and Pete Mazzoli of DaPete Cosplay and Props

00:00 What is cosplay, what does it involve, is it for everyone, and why do it?
08:57 How do you put together your costume?
13:37 What is the whole cosplay experience like?
23:14 What really gets noticed when you cosplay?
29:55 New to cosplay? Here are some tips & tricks!
45:14 What’s appropriate for cosplay? (And some gender politics)
50:07 Attitude toward cosplay and cosplay community
56:32 Guest Favorites from their personal collections (and various tangents)
1:07:50 Cosplay stories to encourage you newbs!
1:14:12 Wrap Up

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